Sunday, August 20, 2006

light tests, boring? no way

My fashion shoot at Suvarnabhumi (a transliteration of a word pronounced soo-wa-na-poom but never mind) airport is in ten days and this is the light I'll be going for. Two slave flashes are on fully extended tripods on both sides of Khun Fiat. With a double layer of exposed and processed film on the main flash, the slave flashes weren't always getting enough light to be triggered. I had to increase the light on Fiat which isn't exactly the intended effect but softens things out a bit. Anyhow, it will have to do.

I have no idea why Fiat puts a finger in his mouth when he yawns.

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Anonymous Mathieu said...


I'm liking where you're going... as it were.

3:04 AM  

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