Thursday, August 10, 2006

Light Tests

No, I didn’t take this picture, unfortunately. Tada Varich did, in a story titled “Lost City” for the New York issue of Wallpaper* Thai Edition (#5, Jan. 2006).
Concept: Wpp* Thailand
Assistant Photographer: Ashira Puttanapituk, Rangsee Vekavanich.
Stylist: Yano Tomoko @ Code Artists
Hair: Kenshin Asano
Make-up: Ryuji
I think that’s what’s called “with due credit”.

I like the light a lot in this story. It is backlit, but the foreground and background are still visible in a dark yet washed out kind of way which is pretty original and moody. The blacks aren’t very black, and generally you might write this off as “bad light” but I like the feeling. For my upcoming fashion shoot, I want to do something similar, if I can. I’ve been doing a lot of tests and it is not easy. My colleagues kindly posed as models, and behind them you can see the view from my 21st story office.

It's all shot with the same setup I tested in my room a couple days ago. Somehow it doesn’t look right just yet but I’m now out of ideas on how to do any better.


Anonymous Mathieu said...

Honestly, it just looks like you need a little more power in the flashes, or less from the background... The closeup is really well-balanced.

Have you tried a polarizer to see if perhaps the office windows are polarized? You could arbitrarily darken them, while not affecting the light from the flashes.

1:52 AM  
Blogger Ana-chan said...

hi G, btw: do you know Thanya aka. madame Hen? She works(worked) for the same papers as you.. i was wondering if she's still there??.....

7:04 AM  

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