Wednesday, September 27, 2006

true (advertorial)





True is a service provider and these pictures are meant to be accompanied by an interview where Champ (the young lad in the pics who is the host of some kind of sports TV show here) will tell us all about how, when he goes shopping, he always makes sure there's True wifi available cuz he never leaves home without a PDA, a mobile phone, and a laptop. Oh and he loves eating at Kuppa restaurant, hence the odd "Kuppa" sign. Good thing Playground!, the hip mall on Soi Thonglor home to the restaurant, has True wifi.


Anonymous Mathieu said...

Only the true at heart can use True Wifi. Lesser, baser beings will be burned by its wholesome goodness.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Austin said...

As always, am interested in the technical aspect of your photos. Did you use any artificial lighting here, and if so, would you mind explaining what you did?



5:24 PM  
Blogger gregoire said...

You know, it's all natural light except for one shot. I just didn't have much time. There's a ton of work on photoshop though.

So the one shot that was shot with flash is the white background shot where he's not holding any devices. I'm almost ashamed to say it was shot with the pop-up flash because, truth be told, I'd forgotten all my flash gear at the office.

One thing though, is that it was shot in manual. Since I had him standing against a white background, the camera was producing an image that was way too dark.

Also, the shot was photoshopped to remove the background. It was white to begin with but there was his shadow on it, for one, and it wasn't full white anyway or his shirt would have been way too overexposed. It's important to start with a white background even if you cut it out in the end because of transitions, reflections and things like that.

Just to give you an idea of the crazy shit I had to do in photoshop, you couldn't see his arm in that shot at all (it was tucked behind him and looked like it had been chopped off) so I found an earlier light test where he wasn't posing and got a piece of arm from there!

The three shots that have blurry backgrounds, that's photoshop too because my lens is not fast enough to do it "in camera". If you look closely, the transitions are not very natural but it won't be printed too big so it will be OK.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Orawin said...

I love your works so much..
How many years of taking pictures..?

Orawin Rungsinan

5:05 AM  
Blogger Orawin said...

I love your works so much..
How many years of taking pictures..?

Orawin Rungsinan

5:08 AM  

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