Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the illusion of democracy will return after these messages

Soon 3 years in Thailand and already one tsunami and one military coup. Amazing Thailand, never boring.

With the new visa rules, I couldn't care less. Even knowing the Prime Minister may well soon taste the bitterness of exile himself fails to cheer me up.

Oh and for the record, democracy was interrupted here in 1947, not last night.

"On November 8, 1947, army troops seized various government installations in Bangkok. The coup, led by Lieutenant General Phin Choonhavan and Colonel Luang Katsongkhram, ousted Luang Thamrong's government. It marked the return to power of Phibun." (link)

It should resume shortly, when every farmer in Isaan learns to count and read.


Blogger Mathieu said...

Bah, if they had democracy they'd probably care about the reality (rather than the appearance) just as much as the average american or european does: not a whit.

Gimme the overturn of Roe vs Wade or gimme death!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Austin said...

What are you thinking about doing re. the new visa rules? I'm very curious as to what other freelance journos photogs have in mind.


6:04 PM  
Anonymous Mathieu said...

btw, forgot to mention that the section shot in that series is amazing

5:40 AM  

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