Monday, March 20, 2006

Just by Mona Lisa was your typical Isaan (that's a region in Thailand) restaurant on wheels. The wheels are to run away from cops who get greedy and slap them with fines for occupying the sidewalk. Of course the fines go straight into the cops' pockets. The woman has just finished the signature Isaan dish--Somtam--which is shreds of green mango (on display) squashed up with chilis in the earthen pot just in front of her. The rest of the food is grilled and doesn't represent what your average Isaan farmer gets for lunch because it is a very poor region with a very low protein intake diet. In Isaan, people will eat insects, dogs, frogs and lizards. The most important part of the meal is the sticky rice, served in cylinder-shaped boxes made of weaved bamboo (see next picture).


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